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Mystery Cats of the World Revisited
Blue Tigers, King Cheetahs, Black Cougars, Spotted Lions, and More

by Karl Shuker

Trade Paperback, 414 Pages

$24.95, ISBN: 978-1-949501-17-9

Genre(s): Cryptozoology

Blue tigers, king cheetahs, black cougars, spotted lions...
water leopards, rainbow jaguars, transcaucasian demon cats,
mexican onzas, surviving saber-tooths, feline mega-marsupials, and more.

Mystery Cats of the World Revisited investigates the breadth and depth of the mystery cat phenomenon around the world. What are these enigmatic cat-like animals that have been glimpsed in wild and lonely areas of the world? Are they exotic wild animals that have escaped from captivity, or just common creatures improperly observed? Or could some be genuinely elusive cat forms still unknown to science or supposedly long extinct? According to scientific conventions, these mystery cats cannot exist, but they have attracted increasing attention from natural historians and the public worldwide.

This fully illustrated work, presented in a beautiful large format paperback, is an updated, greatly-expanded edition of Karl Shuker’s very first book, Mystery Cats of the World, a classic of the cryptozoological literature, now highly sought after by collectors and lauded by cryptozoologists and mainstream zoologists alike for its scrupulously scientific, objective analyses. This new edition examines many new mystery cats reports as well as revisits those previously featured in the original 1989 edition. As such, it remains the only indisputably definitive work on mystery cats in existence.

About the Author:

Dr. Karl P.N. Shuker is an internationally recognized zoologist with expertise in cryptozoology, animal mythology, and wildlife superlatives. He obtained a BSc Honors degree in pure zoology at the University of Leeds (U.K.), and a PhD in zoology and comparative physiology at the University of Birmingham (U.K.), and works as a freelance zoological consultant and writer, living in the West Midlands, England. The author of 32 books and countless articles, Dr. Shuker is also the life sciences consultant for Guinness World Records, has acted as a consultant and/or contributor for many other publications and TV shows, and has travelled throughout the world during the course of his researches. He is a Scientific Fellow of the prestigious Zoological Society of London, a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, a Member of the Centre for Fortean Zoology and other wildlife-related organizations, and is also a Member of the Society of Authors.

New Preface (2020)
Original Preface (1989)
Original Foreword (1989) by Paul and Lena Godsall Bottriell
Chapter 1: Great Britain—Surrey Pumas and Exmoor Beasts
Chapter 2: Ireland and Continental Europe—Daemon Cats and Scimitar Cats
Chapter 3: Asia—Multicolored Tigers and Mint-Leaf Leopards
Chapter 4: Africa—Cheetahs with Stripes and Lions with Spots
Chapter 5: North America—Panthers Aplenty and Bobcats of Blue
Chapter 6: Mexico and Central/South America—Onzas and Jaguaretes
Chapter 7: Australasia—Queensland Tigers and Emmaville Panthers
Chapter 8: Final Thoughts—Conclusions and Conservation
Appendix 1: King Cheetahs in Asia?
Appendix 2: Alleged Sightings of North American Black Pumas/Black Panthers Posted on ShukerNature by Readers
Appendix 3: A Black Puma at London Zoo?
Selected Bibliography
About the Author
Author Bibliography
Index of Animal Names

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What they're saying:

What reviewers said about the first edition of this book:

“Let me say immediately that this is one of the most fascinating books that I have read for many a long day. The author is not a sentimental mythologist but a hard headed zoologist and a notable authority on cryptozoology.” — Felid geneticist Roy Robinson, Cats

“Karl Shuker... surveys the world for reports of undescribed cat-like animals, turning up a remarkable array. It is a fascinating list, made immeasurably more authoritative by the author’s calm approach...” —Mammalogist Colin P. Groves, Cryptozoology

“A book for lovers of the fantastic, for travellers, and for reference libraries.”
— Nobel Prize winning novelist Doris Lessing, Daily Telegraph


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