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Forbidden Science 5: Pacific Heights
The Journals of Jacques Vallee 2000-2009

by Jacques Vallee

Trade Paperback, 564 Pages, 20 Illustrations

$27.95, ISBN: 978-1-949501-24-7

Genre(s): UFOs

A Reframing of Unidentified Phenomena

This volume, the fifth in a series, continues Jacques Vallee’s insider view into UFO research and the government’s often reluctant efforts to to deal with the issue. Set in the midst of global financial and political upheaval, as well as heartbreaking person losses, Vallee explains how during this decade UFOs could be studied in novel ways and how the government came to seriously revisit the issue in the face of possible threats to national security. Of great interest is how Vallee was drawn into the Defense Intelligence Agency’s secret UFO program known as the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP); for the first time we gain insight into how it developed, as well as its problems and promise. Here, in ten years of carefully curated journal entries, partly drawn from classified research, Vallée shows how a few teams of scientists and physicians have brought about a remarkable reframing of unidentified phenomena.

About the Author:

JACQUES VALLEE holds a master’s degree in astrophysics and a Ph.D. in computer science/AI. The subject of UFOs first attracted his attention as an astronomer in Paris. He subsequently became a close associate of Project Blue Book’s J. Allen Hynek and published several books on the UFO enigma. He is presently a venture capitalist living in San Francisco.

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"Vallée continues to insist that the phenomenon is a real one, that it possesses a physical as well as a psychical component, that it has been with us for a very long time, and that it operates through a multi-dimensional universe of which our familiar space-time is a subset." — Jeffrey Kripal, School of Humanities, Rice University


Part Seventeen: Athanor Transition

1. Paris (Mabillon). 6 January 2000
2. Athanor. 30 April 2000
3. Hummingbird. 14 August 2000
4. Hummingbird. 8 January 2001
5. Athanor. 2 June 2001

Part Eighteen: September Eleven

6. Hummingbird. 11 September 2001
7. San Jose, Costa Rica. 19 April 2002
8. Athanor. 4 January 2003
9. San Mateo. 20 March 2003
10. Detroit. 19 August 2003

Part Nineteen: Pacific Heights

11. Sacramento. 10 February 2004
12. Hong Kong. 9 October 2004
13. Honolulu, Hawaii. 22 June 2005
14. Athanor. 28 January 2006
15. Athanor. 8 July 2006

Part Twenty: Labyrinths

16. Hummingbird. 29 September 2007
17. Hummingbird. 22 May 2008
18. Hummingbird. 29 September 2008
19. Las Vegas. 23 January 2009
20. Mabillon. 1 October 2009

Notes and References

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What they're saying:

"Vallée has been in the thick of the UFO scene since the late 1950s...[His is] a fine scientific and creative intellect, who manages to adroitly straddle the scientific, academic and fringe. All of which makes his journals invaluable documents for UFO researchers and enthusiasts...Forbidden Science really brings home the bewildering and frustrating complexity of the UFO enigma, which is ‘so varied and diverse that one can always find enough data among the sightings, if selected appropriately, to “prove” any theory, including its non-existence.’...[But] It’s not all UFOs and Aliens. Vallée keeps up his parapsychological interests, such as in remote viewing—including a project to track down Osama bin Laden—and taking a close interest in experimental evidence for precognition...It’s a deeply personal record too, as Vallée, approaching his 70s, experiences all that comes with getting older, looking back on what he has learned —and what he hasn’t...All in all, Forbidden Science is crucial reading for anyone with an interest in the UFO phenomenon..." — Clive Prince, Magonia

"There is much to fascinate and intrigue, and even frustrate the reader, as the journal describes the complexities of Vallee’s interactions with the phenomenon, the folklore and the impact of it, as well as the many twists and turns of the various participations and descriptions of the more secretive approaches to researching and investigating it...Thank you Jacques Vallee for your courage and persistence, particularly in this particular decade (2000-2009) ... I recommend Forbidden Science 5 and the volumes that preceded it, any that might follow." Bill Chalker, The Oz Files

"This is an astonishing book, and on a number of levels... Allow me to explain why this book moved me so, why I think it is so important to what is going on today in the American public media and the U.S. political, military, and intelligence communities, and why you should, yes, really read these pages . . . like right now." — Jeffrey Kripal, Journal of Scientific Exploration


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