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Major Donald E. Keyhoe and His Battle to End UFO Secrecy
A Biography by Linda C. Powell

"A towering figure in his time... Keyhoe is now the subject of Linda Powell's solid, deeply researched biography...Against the Odds can be read as an object lesson in the dangers of public identification with a heretical opinion...Powell focuses on the societal, political, and personal side of the disputes that rages, sometimes within ufology itself, over matters both profound and petty. Though I am well versed in the history of the UFO wars, hardly a page of Against the Odds fails to inform me of something I didn't know...One closes Powell's splendid biography, which is sympathetic but hardly hagiographic, with the impression of an ordinary man who placed himself in extraordinary circumstances. Decades laters, as physicists, journalists, historians, academics, pilots, and politicians—precisely the figures whom Keyhoe attempted with limited success to recruit into the ranks—descend on a subject barreling toward respectability, one wishes he were here to see what he started." — Jerome Clark, Fortean Times

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