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The True Story of Mermaids, Mermen, and Lizardfolk

by Mark A. Hall, Loren Coleman, and David Goudsward

Trade Paperback, 200 Pages, 15 Illustrations

$16.95, ISBN: 978-1-949501-27-8

Genre(s): Cryptozoology

Put aside your notions of beings half-human and half-fish, for there are no such things.

Put aside for the time being your fears of things wet and strange, said to be reptilian in nature, which emerge from swamps and rivers and oceans to walk among us.

The answers to these mysteries you find in this book will surprise you. They have an ancient ancestry and a story of survival that we are only now beginning to uncover.

Join us as we reveal this journey of discovery in these pages.

About the Author:

MARK A. HALL, who served in the US Army as a Russian translator in Cold War Berlin, was an author whose challenging intellectual insights into cryptozoology covered a span of fifty years. He passed away in September 2016.

LOREN COLEMAN is the founder and director of the nonprofit International Cryptozoology Museum in Maine. Among his many books is True Giants, also co-authored with Mark A. Hall. 

DAVID GOUDSWARD is a historian, editor, and author, as well as an expert on H. P. Lovecraft. His latest book on cryptozoology is Sun, Sand, and Sea Serpents.

Preface From Legend to Reality by Mark A. Hall
Chapter 1 The Lure of the Mermaid
Chapter 2 Oreopithecus
Chapter 3 North American Native Accounts
Chapter 4 North America
Chapter 5 South America and the Caribbean
Chapter 6 Europe
Chapter 7 Asia
Chapter 8 Africa
Chapter 9 Oceania
Chapter 10 The Mysterious Ones
Chapter 11 1988: The Year of the Lizardman
Chapter 12 Lizardmen of the Carolinas
Afterword What Can We Learn? by Mark A. Hall

Appendix 1 In Memory of Mark A. Hall by Loren Coleman
Appendix 2 The Mermaid Motif at the Start of the 20th Century by Charles M. Skinner
Appendix 3 Along the Trek: A Popular Summary by Loren Coleman


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