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Men and Women of Parapsychology, Personal Reflections
ESPRIT Volume 2

by Rosemarie Pilkington, ed.

Trade Paperback, 430 Pages

$22.95, ISBN: 9781938398018

Genre(s): Psychic Abilities

In this second volume of personal reflections by Men and Women of Parapsychology, Rosemarie Pilkington has asked some brilliant, talented people who have spent most of their lives exploring the mysteries of consciousness why they entered the realm of parapsychology, why they persisted in investigating it even though they might be ridiculed or ostracized by many mainstream scientists, and what advice they have for young people entering the field.

About the Author:

ROSEMARIE PILKINGTON earned a Ph.D. in Psychology (Consciousness Studies) from Saybrook Graduate Institute, under the mentorship of Prof. Stanley Krippner. She has written articles and reviews of books on psi phenomena for Fate, the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, and other periodicals. The first volume in this series, Esprit, Men and Women of Parapsychology Personal Reflections, Volume 1, and her book, The Spirit of Dr. Bindelof: The Enigma of Seance Phenomena, a study of physical mediumship, are both also published by Anomalist Books. Visit her websites at SÉANCE SCIENCE.

A few words from the contributors...

"In scientific writing, the personal plays no role. One rarely knows anything intimate about the men and women behind published studies. It was the purpose of this book to pull back the curtain to reveal exactly the information scientific papers never discuss. Who wrote this paper? What was their worldview? How did they arrive at it? How do they see themselves in the context of the field? What is their view of the work to which they have given their lives?" — Stephan A. Schwartz 

"This long-awaited second volume is as compelling and satisfying as the first, as likely to inspire a new generation of investigators, writers, and supporters of our still difficult, still challenging science... Enjoy this collection of essays and interviews. Just as she did in the first volume, Pilkington has given us a feast of lives. It's a wonderful meal." — from the Foreword by Nancy L. Zingrone, PhD 


Editor’s Note

Foreword by Nancy L. Zingrone

The Questions

Mary Rose Barrington: Beyond The Boggle Threshold: Confessions Of A Macro-Addict

Eberhard Bauer: On the Magic Hill

William Braud: On Exceptions and the Attraction of the Unexplained Residua 

Stephen Braude: My Career on the Margins

Richard S. Broughton: Don’t Hold Your Breath

Larry Dossey: Hooked on Healing: Adventures in Nonlocal Mind

Sally Rhine Feather: Continuing the Legacy

Erlendur Haraldsson: The Question of Appearance and Reality

Arthur Hastings: A Confluence of Streams

Stanley Krippner: My Parapsychological Odyssey

Lawrence LeShan: An Interview

Roger Nelson: Thirty Years and Counting

John Palmer: My Career in Parapsychology and Advice for Others

Guy Lyon Playfair: Adventures on the Night-Side

William G. Roll: A Lifetime of Searching

Serena Roney-Dougal: For the Love of Mind: Exploring Psyche

Stephan A. Schwartz: Explorations in the Infinite

Rex G. Stanford: Personal Reflections

Russell Targ: Why I Am Convinced of the Reality of Psychic Abilities, and Why You Should Be, Too

Charles T. Tart: The Parapsychological Side of My Career

Walter von Lucadou: The Paranormal is Normal But Quite Different

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What they're saying:

"It's "a superb release…that makes for fascinating reading…The [21] authors share with us not just their thoughts, data and theories relative to parapsychology, but also their inner-most memories and life-experiences that helped sculpt them into the people they are today. It’s seldom that you see both angles so successfully fused into one, but [this book] skillfully achieves exactly that." — Nick Redfern, Mysterious Universe

"Dr. Pilkington has contributed much to the field by bringing these autobiographical materials together. Similar to the first volume, she continues here to remind us of the personal face of parapsychology. The field, like any other human activity, is not only research, methodology, theory, and publications, but a dynamic gestalt of wishes, aspirations, human courage and perseverance, not to mention difficulties and disappointments. Pilkington’s presentation, and her authors’, help the reader to unveil the different levels on and themes to which all these people contributed to parapsychology." — Carlos Alvarado, Parapsychology

It was an “excellent idea of Pilkington’s to gather reminiscences” of some of the field’s “older workers, while there was still time,” to produce a book that “tracks those who make a significant contribution to the subject, and who well deserve to have their achievements noted.” — Tom Ruffles, Society of Psychical Research

"A marvelous, unique contribution to the field and to history. And, for so many of us, so evocative of times and people we have known." — Science historian Robert Rosenberg, Ph. D.

"When I am reading these essays I feel that only now I am  actually surfing thoroughly through the multi-facetted breakers of parapsychology. We all tend to have and stick to only one or a few narrow perspectives. Your books provide an opportunity to become tolerant and fond of many more existing perspectives in this field, which is much better than to read any systematic historical literature." — Suitbert Ertel, statistician and psychologist

"This splendid volume is valuable for both its insights into the personality and lives of the parapsychologists as well as their intellectual development and current views in the field...Dr. Pilkington’s book is highly recommended for academic libraries, for all people involved in parapsychology and psychical research, and for anyone interested in psi phenomena." — Michael Potts, Journal of Scientific Exploration


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